The TWINFUSYON project is based on 4 strategic pillars: Science & Technology Pillar, Educational and Professional Pillar; European Integration Pillar; and Political and Social Framework Pillar. The TWINFUSYON aims are stated with relevance to the 4 pillars:

Science & Technology

  • Reinforcing knowledge in novel materials with enhanced capabilities;
  • Identifying best-practices in smart analytics and predictive models to strengthen capacity of understanding systems and developing new processes/products;
  • Improving technology capacity transforming the elaborated concepts into novel optronic biosensors.


  • Providing a platform for students and young researchers to undergo a well-rounded PhD education;
  • Strengthening the scientific competence of technical staff by developing and disseminating good practices, innovative methodological approaches and tools.


  • Fostering the dissemination and transfer of knowledge;
  • Networking to jointly identify bottlenecks and possible breakthroughs in optronic biosensing.


  • Communicating and reinforcing a dialogue with end-users associations, policy makers, investors and society;
  • Proposing work and developing bases that can contribute to exploitation of materials, approaches and implemented technologies.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 692034.
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