The TWINFUSYON activities will focus primarily on:

  • Collaborative research initiatives supporting a range of research activities through complex multi-partner research programme
  • Collaborative training schemespromoting collaborative studentship projects between academia and industry, vocational courses, and training in entrepreneurship
  • People and information exchange enabling academic and industrial researchers to exchange ideas and experience by moving between environments and cultures. Activities supported range from networks and industry clubs through to personal fellowships and secondments
  • Commercialisation and development finding a range of schemes that enable researchers to explore the commercial potential of their research, to acquire business skills to develop it, and to move towards commercialisation

Main events planned within the TWINFUSYON project:

Schools and workshops:

  • Advanced School on „Statistical Models and for bioprocesses“
  • Workshop „New Frontiers in 2D materials: Approaches & Application“
  • International School on „High-magnetic field science of novel 2D materials“
  • Advanced School on „Theory and Approaches to Plasmonics, Nanomaterials, and Nanofabrication serving Biosensing“
  • Workshop  „New Frontiers in linear and Non-linear Optical spectroscopies and Microscopies for chemo- and bio-sensing“
  • Advanced School on „In situ/in vivo/in liquid probes for bio-surfaces interactions“
  • Workshop  „Opportunities for Innovative Materials, Surfaces and Nanosystems in Biosensing“

Other events for scientists, industry, policy makers, and general public:

  • Round Tables with Institutes for Sustainability, Health and Environments and policy and society stakeholders
  • „The industrial day“ related to new trends and latest applications in optronic biosensing  for remodelling technology transfer
  • Knowledge Transfer Zone for Socio-Economic Development  through  meetings between research institutions and enterprises
  • „Lab open days“ for  students/young researchers who are curious to be engaged in discussion, exchanges, clarifications, lab-demonstrations and tests (organisation)
  • Seminar to promote Research&Policy Dialogue

The dates will be announced in the „Upcoming events“ section.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 692034.
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